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Overseer E. J. Covington

Overseer Ella J. Covington was born May 22, 1947, the 5th child of the Late Elvis and Mother Mary Terry.  She was saved, sanctified, and filled with the Holy Ghost in a 40 night revival at Johnson Grove Holiness Church in Benson, NC, under the leadership of Pastor Zera Hampton, a highly anointed woman of God, in 1962.


She obtained her formal education in the Johnston County School system.  Upon graduation from Johnston Central High School in Smithfield, NC in 1965, Overseer continued growing in the grace of God.  She heard God’s voice calling her to do a work for Him.  After much seeking God’s divine will; she accepted the anointed call in 1970.  Being dedicated to Christ and God’s kingdom, she lived holy and stayed prayerful.  She met and married the love of her life in August 23, 1965, Mr. Ernest L. Covington, who now is our Presiding Bishop of the Holiness Churches of Deliverance, Inc.


After evangelizing for 15 years, God anointed her to pastor.  She moved with the Spirit of God and conducted service in her home for 18 months, later being lead and directed to go and establish a work in Four Oaks, NC. The ministry was founded and organized in October 1982 by this great and highly anointed servant of God.


Overseer is also a blessed business woman.  In 1989, she was promoted out as manager in Tupperware, with 13 employees under her leadership.  She owned and operated Ella's Lingerie, where she made intimate apparel for men and women along with EJC's Pulpit Attire, where she made robes and clergy attire for ministers of the Gospel.   She now owns and operates Calvary's Miracle Closet, located in Four Oaks, N. C.  All of her endeavors assisted her in being a blessing in the community and being involved in outreach. She has come to the aid of families that suffered home fires, bereavement, hunger, eviction and more. 

Her unselfish persona and heart for people afforded her the honor of being the first recipient of 103.9 The Light's Lamplighter Angel Award in 2004.  

Truly Overseer E. J. Covington stands in the authority which God has given her in this end time.  She has been a mother in the gospel to several churches that were under her leadership:  Mt. Moriah Holiness Church of Deliverance, Wilson, NC;  Living Hope Holiness Church of Deliverance, Wilson NC; Outreach Ministries Holiness Church of Deliverance, Wilson, NC; God's House of Truth and Deliverance, Garner, NC; Temple of Praise The Sanctified Church of Jesus Christ, Lumberton, NC; Forever Flowing Ministries, Wilson, NC and Church of God In Christ Holiness Church of Deliverance, Dunn, NC.  Under her leadership, we have witnessed miracle after miracle, strongholds being torn down and the restoring of things the palmer worm, canker worm and the caterpillar thought they had destroyed. 

Overseer Ella J. Covington is the mother of four children: Ernest R. Covington, Troy Covington, Belinda Eason and Sherwood Covington.  From these offspring, she is the proud grandmother of eight grandchildren.  She is a mighty woman of God and ministers under the anointing of God, standing in and on the word of God, allowing the gift of prophecy to use her.  She will bless your very soul as God uses her. If she tells you anything, BELIEVE IT!!!!! You can take it to the bank because it came from God!!!  

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