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Home Mission


Spiritual Outreach in a Physical Way


Our Home Mission goal is to provide comfort for the bereaved, help for those in need and support for those who may be sick and/or shut-in.  We strive to show forth the love of God by aiding our fellow man, even as the Samaritan did in Luke 10:30 - 37, in which he had compassion on the man who fell among thieves and was left for half dead.  We desire to do as Jesus commanded, "Go and do thou likewise"

Elder Dionne Lyde - President




Mother Board


Endeavoring to assist with ministry outreach both in the community and inside the four walls of the church.  We attend to the needs of our children of the ministry, the welfare of the saints and the up keep of the sanctuary.  Ministering to the younger women and and teaching needed topics in the ministry.  


Minister Lucille Eason - National Mother

Mother Angela Covington

Mother Charlene Dupree



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