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 About Us

Overseer Ella J Covington was born May 22, 1947,

to the Late Elvis and Mother Mary Terry.  She

was saved sanctified and  filled with the Holy

Ghost in a 40 night revival at  Johnson Grove

Holiness Church, Benson, NC, under the leadership

of Pastor Zera Hampton.  At this holiness church she

met Bro. Ernest Covington and they were married

August 23, 1965.  


Overseer continued on growing in the Lord, she heard God’s voice calling her to do a work for Him.  After much seeking God’s divine will; she accepted the anointed call to preach in 1970.  After evangelizing for 15 years, God anointed her to pastor.  Being led by the Spirit of God, she

conducted service in her home for 18 months.  The Lord began to speak and deal with Overseer about establishing a work in Four Oaks, NC.


Her husband, Co Pastor Ernest Covington and four children, Ernest Reginald, Troy, Belinda and Sherwood spent most Saturdays starting

pushing lawn mowers, toting away debris, and so many other jobs at hand in order to help Pastor Covington birth the  vision God had given

her.  Their days started at 8:00 am sharp going to Four Oaks, they had help from Deacon C. Ward and his sons, Clyde and Jeff along with

Deacon Malcolm Bennett and his sons, Malcolm and Maurice; they all remember working so hard to get the job done.  


   And on October 3, 1982, the first service was held.   The speaker was the Late Pastor Doretha Williams and congregation from Pikeville, NC, her message – “God has Raised a New Queen in Four Oaks”.  A total of 150 souls attended that service.  Saints were standing all around the little house, even on the porch.  We raised the windows and opened the door and the glory of the Lord came in. On the 1st Sunday in December 1982 Pastor Covington preached “Loose My People and Let Them Go and Worship Me in the Beauty of Holiness” she came from Exodus 20. Five souls were added to the church that day.  By the first water baptism God had added 15 souls to the ministry. Pastor Covington held on to what the Lord showed her.   Through the criticism and constant banter of   “There will never be a holiness church in Four Oaks let alone a woman pastor”.  But God kept showing her a vision!


The church’s looked changed from the small house to a beautiful white edifice with a lunchroom, pastor’s study and pastor’s bathroom.  The Lord blessed Co Pastor E. L. Covington hands to build a house for the Lord.  With the help of his sons and Pastor Covington and her daughter beautified God house with greenery, flowers and curtains. Grateful and always thankful for what God was doing, yet He continued to show her a vision!


The Lord blessed and added to the ministry and He exalted Pastor Covington to Overseer Covington and Co Pastor to Bishop Covington.  As the church grew it went through many stages and changes.  People coming and join and like any other ministry people leaving, but God was always faithful and constant to his promise, He’d never leave nor forsake Overseer Covington. In 2000 the church went through a renovation in the sanctuary, bathrooms, and offices.  And around May of 2001 the church was bricked.  Yet God kept showing her a vision!


God blessed the ministry and Overseer and Bishop Covington, and on July 22, 2007, we dedicated our current sanctuary.  God continues to fill the house with His power, His love and His grace.


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